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Proben: Das Haus der Chöre bietet uns dafür eine großartige Möglichkeit.

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Dirigent: Christian Kabitz leitet den Cäcilienchor seit über dreißig Jahren.

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Frankfurt: Wir sind ein fester Bestandteil der Musikkultur der Weltstadt am Main.

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Zusammen: Gemeinsam den perfekten Klang suchen, das ist unser Anspruch.

Logo des Cäcilienchors
200 Jahre Cäcilienchor - 1818 Frankfurt am Main 2018

Dear friends of the Cäcilienchoir,
in 2017 - one year before our choir's 200th anniversary - we will again leave the paths of our established repertoire:
In the 1920's Berlin and at the french impressionists we have new things for us - look forward to it!

With the concert "Martin Luther's Chorals" on the other hand we want to point out the influence of this reformer on sacred music. With this program the choir will also take part in the 19th German Choir Festival in the end of April in Magdeburg.

Look forward to a diverse and thrilling concert year.
Join us in this experience!

Best regards,
Thomas Hohmann
Chairman of the board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

when in the 19th century the first "civil" choirs were founded, the world was unsuspecting of the practices of historic performances. The treasures of choir music were conquered and the works of old Italian masters were sund as full-chested as Schütz, Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn or Brahms. Today we know that Monteverdi should be performed differently from Mozart and that Bach and Brahms are worlds apart when it comes to transforming notes to ringing music.

So, when we will now present the 2017 program spanning 500 years of musical history from Martin Luther to Friedrich Hollaender, this will also be a big challenge for my Cäcilienchor. It must tackle 16th century's music with its just invented polyphony as well as the glittering splendor of Bach's baroque, but it must also adopt the subtle colorfulness of French impressionism as well as the cheeky directness of Berlin chansons.

Because the Cäcilienchor follows this path through the centuries with such curiosity and panache with me makes working with it so fulfilling. To lead this work to create fulminant concerts is my promise for 2017!

Christian Kabitz

Concerts 2017

Tuesday, February 21, 7:30pm
Cronstetten-House, Frankfurt
Berlin 1920

Sunday, April 30, 6pm
Johanniskirche, Magdeburg and
Monday, May 1, 5pm
Augustinerkirche, Erfurt
Martin Luther's Chorals

Sunday, May 14, 6pm
Heiliggeistkirche, Frankfurt
Martin Luther's Chorals

Monday, November 20, 8pm, Heiliggeistkirche Frankfurt
»Les Impressionnistes«

Sunday, December 16, 8pm, Dreikönigskirche, Frankfurt
Bach and his sons - Christmas Concert

Download: Program 2017 (PDF, 0,8 MB, in German)